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West Kirby 1841

A Wirral Local History Project

The Villagers and Houses of West Kirby 1841

Thomas Guile, Farmer, aged 55
In the plot of land in front of the Manor Farm was Thomas and his 25-year-old son Peter Guide. The children Mary Guile (aged 14) and Alice Guile (aged 7) lived there along with Thomas Mutch, a ten-year-old boy who was their servant. Thomas Garvin was was an Agricultural Labourer and Mary Makin was a Female Servant of the same age.

The next household along on the return was that of Augustus Bradbridge, a 30-year-old surgeon.

John Jackson, Publican of the Ring O'Bells
The building of the time (and still standing) was dated 1810 but one Victorian newspaper article notes the pub as being one of the oldest in England. With the ancient cellar hewn into the very sandstone rock and nearby houses dating back at least a further 200 years, this seems quite probable. In 1841, the publican was John Jackson (aged 45) and his wife Mary. Living with them was daughter Mary (aged 5), John Jackson (aged 4) and William Jackson (aged 2).

Other families nearby in the census were those of George Mutch (farmer) and servant Samuel Davies, Thomas Beckett (living on Independent Means), and Mary Travis.

Thomas Hindley, Farmer, aged 55
'The Nook' are ancient sandstone cottages which to this day still have thatched roofs. This single storey thatched cottage with whitewashed sanstone walls is thought to be from the early 17th century. Living here is Farmer Thomas Hindley aged 55 is married to Elizabeth and their childred are: Ann (25), Mary (20), William (20), Thomas (15), George (15), Henry (11), Margaret (10), John (7), Esther (5) and James (2). Living with them is Elizabeth Dutton, a 20-year-old with her baby son John who is 8 months.

James Evans, Farmer at Manor Farm
Occupied by James Evans, 40, and his wide Martha. Their children are George, Elizabeth, Mary and Abraham. Living alongside them in the same building is Mary Mories age 11. Now called Medhurst.

Henry Ashton
In 1841 Henry Ashton aged 55 was listed next to James Evans who was known to have lived at Manor Farm. Henry is looked after by Elizabeth Aspinal, a 40-year-old female servant. Living with them is Fanny Gill, aged 14.

Sycamore Cottage Built 1746

Cottage Built 1839 

William Adams, Stone Mason
William Adams, a stone mason aged 25, lives with his wife Mary and their children; Mary (aged 3), Elizabeth (aged 2) and Martha (aged 6 months). Living alongside them is Elizabeth Moors, a woman wealthy enough not to have to work as she lives on Independent Means.

The White House - Built 1699

Joshua Strong

Cottage and Garden
Occupied by John Clark. In several decades time it would become the site of the West Kirby Hotel, and a hundred years after that it would be The Moby Dick Pub.